6440 Little Uvas Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Livable Mountain Land Property with Trailer/cabin/well/PG&E

Do you want to live away from the city? This property offers privacy and relaxation with beautiful scenaries, a flowing creek, and a pond. This property is 2.8 acres large. This property has the all the living essentials like saterlite internet, running water, and PG&E electricity. This property includes two trailers and a cabin. Imagine walking around beautiful mountain paths and taking in the fresh air or waking up to jog in the morning. This is also a great area if you like to plant trees and flowers. Overall this is a great place if you want to relax.

Well and Water Tanks

The water from the water tanks comes from electric pumps. The water tanks are never empty. The water can be easily refilled. The water is fresh and good to drink. The water is clean enough to use. There is enough water for daily use and the hose is long enough to reach most areas.

PG&E Electricity

This property has PG&E electricity available. The electricity is always running. The electricity is currently accessible in both trailers. It can be easily plugged into the cabin. The electricity connects to an air conditioner which is important in the winter because it can get cold. There is enough electric power for cooking, baking, and for refrigerating food.

Saterlite Internet

There is internet connection brought by HughesNet from the saterlite. The distance of the internet is very large and can be accessed from both trailers and the cabin.You can experience the calmness of nature while still connecting with the world.


The cabin is made out of high quality Canadian pinewood. It has a layering of sheep wool between the walls to keep warm which is very important during the winter. Electric power can be easily plugged in to the cabin. Imagine it's winter time here there is ice on the ground and then you enter the cabin and feel the warmth. You can rest there watching videos on your ipad.

The size of the aerolite trailer is 30 feet long.The aerolite trailer has telephone connection, electrical conection, and internet connection. It has a kitchen to cook and eat. It has a bathroom. It has a refridgerator to store food. It has a couch to relax and can be used as a bed. It has a bunk bed inside. It has a large bed too. It has a living room. It has a heater which is important during the winter. It has an air conditioner for when it gets hot in the summer. It has a working tv. It has a sink. It has an electrical outlet on the outside for power. You can press a button to extend a tent which can block sunlight and rain. You can invite friends to eat and have parties under the tent.

There is also an old trailer that is 40 feet long and can be used as a storage room. There is a kitchen with a working stovetop and oven and refridgerator. There is a living room and a bathroom. There is electrical power. There is also internet connection. 

3,000 Square Feet House Plans

Livable property with almost everything you need 

There is well water, PG&E electricity, land phone, satellite internet, and trailers to live in. It has a new 10x12 pinewood cabin with double walls which has wool inside. The previous owner permanently lived in this property for 7 years from 2005 to 2011. The South Bay is part of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The South Bay is known around the world as Silicon Valley. Why would you want to live in the mountain? What benefits would you have in the mountain. In the city everyday you will hear cars zooming around and sometimes construction work can cause a lot of noise. In the mountains there is never this problem. If you want to live a peaceful life the mountains are the way to go as you hear the river flowing and the birds chirping. Another benefit of living in the mountains is the clean fresh air. In the city the air is polluted by cars. In the mountains you can wake up in the morning, jog around and live a healthy life. These are the benefits that living in the mountains can bring to you. The Morgan hill mountains offer a great escape from the everyday life from silicon valley. 

Clean well water 
Compared with city water, mountain well water is much healthier. In city water they put things like chlorine into the water you drink. City water has many other hazards like metals from the pipe. These are elements that are hard to filter. When you shower in city water your body absorbs the chlorine in the water which can be very bad for your body. Mountain water removes all these downsides. The water from mountain waters actually taste like actual water. You also smell better if you showered in mountain water then if you showered in city water. There are also many benefits when drinking spring water. Mountain water is proven to benefit your health when you drink it.

With a large open land. It is a great place for gardening. You can plant all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and trees. If you enjoy gardening then you can enjoy it here. You can relax as you water your crops. Gardening can be very peaceful.

Livable Property 
This property has a well and a water tank, PG& E electricity, land phone, and satellite internet. 
New Aerolite Travel Trailer 2015 
It has an older trailer - 35' Royals International by Carriage.
Has a Canadian pinewood cabin 10x12 (double walls with wool between.)

  Building Permit
 If you want to start building a new house there is a finished 3000 feet house design ready. Sewer system not onsite. Needs approval by the Santa Clara country. It costs about $5000.00 to hire a professional agent to help you get approved. Right now only Construction Site toilets are available. After building a sewer system, then you can start to apply for a formal building permit. 

Nearby Locations
 20 minute flat road to both San Jose and Gilroy shopping center 
The San Jose Almaden Plaza can be reached in a 20 minute drive. 5353 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118 

It will take about 20 minutes to get to the Gilroy Premium Outlets.  
Gilroy Premium Outlets features the largest collection of designer and brand name outlet stores in Northern California. It includes more than 145 stores including 7 For All Mankind, Banana Republic, Columbia Sportswear, Kate Spade New York, Nike and many more. 

Very close to the Uvas Canyon County Park Located just on the edge of Morgan Hill there are peaceful spots throughout the county park for hiking, biking, and leisure. Little Uvas is nearby Croy road, which is the road to Uvas Canyon County Park, the Santa Clara county park.

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